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  1. Someone should really create a Change.org petition about this, i'll RT and share. It would improve life for many Evernote users, and impact global happiness in the world.
  2. Will give another shot to OneNote too, thanks for the recommendation.
  3. Hello, i initially came here for the same request. I absolutely love Evernote, but this new notebooks view is a major step back !! I have more than 50 notebooks, a 24" screen, but i have to scroll 5 times the height of my screen to see all my notebooks. I used to have all my notebooks immediately available without scrolling before this update. Another thing i would like to say, is that i realized now i have no idea whats the first character of the notebook i'm looking for. So i even don't know where to scroll to. I think my brain used to record the column or place where things where.
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