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  1. Thanks all! DT Low - I like your idea of tags, but given that evernote already uses a lot of memory and I won't need to frequently access those old notes I'd rather just archive 99% of them. I suppose I coudl archive and delete but worried that may not be as "clean" as just starting fresh (EG will it still run slow or use excess memory due to fragmented storage, messy indexes or other residual data behind the scenes. Do you know if there's any way to just create an entirely new "instance" of evernote and wipe the slate clean (after archive of course). I suppose I could just sign up for an entirely new account worst case. Or am I being overly concerned about this? I am using a Mac.. Scripting does sound ideal for at least the archiving part.
  2. Hello - I'm an avid Evernote User (Approx 12K notes and 250 notebooks), but will be switching jobs and would like to start fresh. Ideally I could somehow archive all of my prior notes for posterity but would ideally have a "clean slate" for my job. I assume this will help me not only from an organizational perspective but also a performance perspective. Can anyone recommend the best approach towards doing this? I could just create a new account entirely but would prefer not to do that if i don't have to. Thanks! Jeremy
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