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  1. How many complaint votes do we need before Evernote will consider bringing back Notebook view as an option?
  2. Thanks for suggesting ZoHo Notebook - this looks promising! https://www.zoho.com/notebook/evernote-alternative.html I'll go check it out.
  3. I had the EXACT same reaction: Damn - its like Asana now. Damn! Even Asana offers a notecard view now - there is something to be said about the visual element of organizing content. Please bring the old notebook view back as on option
  4. OMG yes, please bring Notebook layout back! I spent 20 minutes looking for the preference setting that would allow me to get out of this eye-numbing list view and back to notebooks. I'm here looking for clues as to how to do it and am disappointed to see that its not an option. Please bring it back. I am with everyone else in this thread - that view worked so well. I'm not usually one to fuss over inevitable changes, but this one has been quite disappointing.
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