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  1. Not sure whether to post here or Mac forum. I did submit a support ticket as well, but hoping someone may have a clue if there is a setting that is different. Currently, I use Evernote on both Windows and Mac. I have a longarm sewing machine that I can grab a screenshot of every digital design and they are stored to a flash drive as a folder filled with .png files. I add each of these .png to a notebook in Evernote where I can tag them for future sorting and use. The problem that exists is that in Evernote for Mac, I can select all of the .png files from the flash drive, drag and drop them on top of a folder in Evernote and Evernote will create a separate note for each and uses the file name to label the note. It strips off the file extension when naming. (This is exactly what I want.) However, if I'm on my Windows box, I do the same process and Evernote creates one GIANT note that contains all of the images. The Windows version will only create a note and label it if I drag the .png over one at a time, however, even then when it names it, it keeps the file extension as part of the name. Is there anyway to have both versions function as the Mac version does? Julie
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