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  1. Sorry; I guess I wasn't clear. I mean that it only takes a few seconds to resize the main Evernote window and widen the notebook list pane. Since I switch between my laptop screen and the external monitor less often than once a day, I have already spent more time writing and reading in this thread than I will by manually resizing Evernote as needed for the remainder of my life. I have no need to spend more time implementing a workaround to this trivial problem. I started this thread because I thought there might be a setting, either in Evernote or in Windows, that would help. It now appears that the problem is due to a defect in Evernote (especially since it is the only program or app on my PC that displays the problem).
  2. How does EN know the pixel size? It can't know the size of my monitor screen. Unless it calculates a relative-to-100%-scaling value, since I guess it can know the screen scaling. Where in HKCU/Software/Evernote/Evernote/WindowPlacement/ does it store pixel size? I see a MainFrameWindow value, but nothing else seems relevant. But I see a key called "x100," which contains its own, different, WindowPlacement key values. I notice the x100 key itself contains values for various widths and heights of UI elements. Maybe this x100 item is what gets multiplied by whatever the scaling factor is. No, wait, if it did that, it would work. So, I've gone down the registry rabbit hole, and am confused as usual. I'm trying to understand what's wrong so I can try to tell EN developers how to fix it. (I know I'll have to go through support hell to get to that point, if it's even possible, but I might try anyway.) Maybe I'll get real lucky and a dev will read this thread. I'm aware that this is merely an "annoying" issue. I can spend a lifetime of just resizing the EN window size and the notebook pane width when I change scaling factor, and spend less time that I've spent already in this thread. 🤔
  3. I have two monitors, both 4K (3840x2160 pixels). On my laptop, the size is 13 inches, so I use a display scaling of 225%. When I'm at my desk and connected to my much larger monitor, I use a display scaling of 125%. On my 125%-scaled desk monitor I set the EN main window size, as well as the widths of the notebook list pane, the preview pane, and the content pane to my preferences. When I switch to the laptop (225%-scaled), my sizing work is lost. To get EN back to a usable state I must increase the EN main window size vertically and horizontally and widen the notebook list pane. I go back and forth between my work desk and traveling with my laptop. It's annoying to have to resize EN every time. (BTW EN is the only app that has this issue. Windows' own functions, like file explorer, settings, etc., work fine. MS Office apps, Keepass XC, Encarta, Windows 10 Firewall Control, Adobe Acrobat, Chrome, IE, Firefox... every other program I use works fine.)
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