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  1. Hello, Evernote says no updates are available. I've checked "Update to beta versions when they are available : What should I do ?
  2. I added a clarification. All the tags would not be concerned. I wish I could be able to choose in a list the concerned tags. Using a script or an external application would work. But I would like to see it as a native feature, for all platforms.
  3. Hello, I am using what I call "parent tagging". Here is an example of structure : Trips France Paris Nice Lyon Marseille Spain Barcelona Madrid Italy Milan I would like EverNote to add automatically the parent tag(s) when I add a children tag to a note. Of course, all the tags would not be concerned (I could select the concerned tag in an option menu). Example : I find a great restaurant in Paris, on internet. I add its info to a note and I tag it with "Paris. Then, EverNote would add automatically the tags "France" and "Trips" to my note. The example here, and the structure are simple. But when you have an architecture with 5+ layers, it's time saving ; and you are sure not to forget any tags. Then, it allows me to see what nice notes I have for my next trip in France, for example (by filtering with the "France" tag). -------- I know there are some automation tools, not developed by EverNote that exist on internet ; but I would like to have it as a native feature.
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