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  1. I think you've both misinterpreted my comment. All I was envisaging was being able to simply append the existing email text/formatting into a note of your choice. The OneNote mention was illustrative of the process to select the appropriate note, nothing more. FactMan's point regarding email chains is valid, though this is basically true of any documentation system and I'd agree that automating this would be a massive undertaking which would likely not satisfy everyone (personal preferences, "see below" responses, organisational differences, replies to only one person, etc.). Whilst I'd love this eventually (if even possible), all I'd be asking at the moment is the ability to have the Evernote Clipper allow me to append the selected email to an existing note.
  2. Doesn't necessarily need to be able to automatically find that email chain, more just a feature to allow me to append it to the end of an existing note if I wanted it to. MS OneNote already allows this, so I don't think it should be too difficult.
  3. Hi guys, At the moment when you clip a conversation, it saves all the emails - which is great, until someone else replies back. Then it adds the entire conversation again to another note. Is there any way you could tweak it such that it appended an existing note rather than creating a new note each time? I'd also like the option to save the original Outlook file, as I tend to delete the original once I've clipped it and I can't hit "Reply" to a thread in Evernote. Thanks for listening in any case!
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