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  1. @Mark Miller What about those of us who aren't able to install that update? I downloaded the 10.11.6 update and received a message during installation that my computer isn't compatible with the update (I'm currently at Mac OS 10.11.3). I'm not sure why I can't do the Mac update since my computer specs seem to be fine based on Apple's requirements, so is it possible to use Evernote without updating my Mac OS?
  2. Please bring back the old view for the notebooks. I now dread going on Evernote because it's a labor intensive process to scroll through a list to find notebooks (of which I have many) rather than the simple old view. I'm extremely disappointed in this change. I can't imagine who tested it and thought it was a move forward. Please return it to the old view or at least give users the option to revert to the old view. Thank you.
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