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  1. Thanks for the response. Looking at the linked post again, I stumbled across the answer. The linked post does not make it clear that you have to click on the "Tags" notebook title to the far left to get the editable list of tags to the right, as shown below. My cursor does not show up in this screen print, but the "Tags" notebook is highlighted since I clicked on it. Tags can be manipulated in the list on the right. Very unintuitive! I accidently clicked on the "Tags" notebook instead of the tag I wanted to delete, or I would never have found this.
  2. I'm am using Premium Evernote (personal) v. 10.6.9 on Windows 10 Pro. I have tried every suggestion I have found on the forum for removing unused tags. Nothing works. I even tried dragging and dropping an empty tag to Trash. Nope. I tried starting Evernote as an admin, but that did not work, either. I can understand needing an admin to delete tags for a business account, but it should not be this difficult in a personal account.
  3. I have a personal premium account (Evernote 10.6.9 on Windows 10 Pro) and cannot delete empty tags. I can understand requiring an admin to remove tags on a business account, but it should not be this difficult on a personal account.
  4. I know this is an old thread, but... If I understand tavor correctly, I second his suggestion. When clipping a "full article" the only way I have found to resize what is clipped is to use the +/- icons on the box outline. More often than not, these either expand too much or shrink too much. I would like to be able to drag the icons or the frame to resize as I need. Simplified article does not always record everything needed. Screenshot does not work if the page to be clipped extends below the screen. Thanks!
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