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  1. Thanks for posting. The issue you have with the cursor jumping below a newly created bullet has actually also been happening to me, for at least a year now. It definitely sounds like it’s a bug. I’ve noticed that the cursor only starts jumping around when I’ve been typing for a fairly long time in the same note. If I quit Evernote and log back in, that solves the problem. It’ll happen again of course, but at least I can get some work done. Have gotten used to it by now!
  2. This has also been a longstanding issue for me. I have liaised with Evernote Support about it in the past, most recently in late 2019, and it didn't seem like it was a known issue to them. They couldn't troubleshoot it without me sending over a log file, which I didn't want to for security reasons, so we just left it. It's only now, reading comments in this forum, that I realise it must be a bug - incredible that Evernote wasn't aware of it. My own solution was to completely reorganise my notes so that each file occupies one note, and there are no attachments. It's taken months, on and off, an
  3. Hi -- i am wondering if there's a quick fix for being able to see an attachment only in "attachment view" rather than "inline view" (the latter being where you can see all the contents). Whenever I attach a document it defaults to "inline view" and I collapse it by double-clicking on it and selecting "View as attachment". The problem is that about 90% of the time it reverts to "inline view" (this happens for documents in any format -- XL, pdf, Word etc). So I keep changing it back and eventually, after doing this 4-5 times it may remain permanently in "inline view" (though not always). I attac
  4. Sorry, I completely forgot to include this. Mac 10.13.6
  5. Over the past year, I've noticed a couple of strange things happening to the cursor when I type in a note. One is that when I want to enclose a word in quotation marks (I mainly use single quotation marks so I've only noticed the issue with that), the first letter of the word I start typing does not appear. Instead the cursor 'jumps' to the position of the second letter (or maybe the first letter just doesn't register). So e.g. 'jump' becomes ' ump'. It doesn't matter how much I try to make sure that I'm really hitting that first letter, this happens about about 80% of the time. i use single q
  6. I link up notes a lot and really wish I could copy and paste links using the mobile app
  7. This thread seems to mostly be about paragraph spacing so maybe not the right place for this comment, but in the last update I believe (or maybe the one before) I found that the line spacing between 'tickbox' style bullets had increased. I used tickbox bullets a lot, so my notes have all become much longer as a result. I have no idea why, among so many other more urgent/useful fixes that Evernote could have focused on, they would choose to make changes to this. I haven't noticed any changes to normal line spacing, so it wouldn't seem to be an attempt to address user feedback in that area. Just
  8. Like other users I'm disappointed with the limitations on how I can view notebooks. Having to scroll to use them is just not efficient. Really seems like a step backwards to have list form instead of something more visual.
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