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  1. Wow, a month later since the re-occourance of the "cursor jumping to top" bug has resurfaced, and still no fix? Is this a sign Evernote is stagnating? The fact that such a show stopping bug still this still exists a month later, even with users posting incessantly about it, is a sign that Evernote doesn't have its priorities in order. @jimsnyder8's post may have been a bit agressive but his point is right on target. @amandagene is right, you spend most of your time scrolling back to where you were. To anyone experiencing it, this is unusable. Almost better off using a pen and paper, at l
  2. Can we get more up votes on this please? This is single-handedly making Evernote useless for saving web pages, as all major sites seem to have moved to this (particularly Quora). This is the main reason I use Evernote.
  3. I can't believe this is what we are looking at doing, styles have been requested for years... Look at this thread from 2014, it's 3 years ago and people are saying the exact same things as they are now in other threads; "It's surprising it's not implemented yet" "Styles are much faster and more efficient to stay organised - which is what evernote is about" "It's the only thing I miss from other note taking software" "Tired of seeing new updates, with this glaring feature ommission"
  4. This feature is needed sorely, but not as much as styles. But if it had this it would make things half as bad at least.
  5. Chiming in to agree - yes Evernote is super fast for my note taking - but lack of styles gank my progress, having to manually change size back and forth to "fake" headings, when I'm used to Google docs where it's SUPER quick to set one line to a heading, press enter and keep typing as it switches back to "Normal" style automatically. Then you can auto-generate a clickable table of contents with just a couple of clicks. Evernote's formatting is so frustrating, and much more clumsy and slow than working with styles.
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