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  1. When you paste 2 domain names separated by space, Evernote removes the space. Looks like a bug with the hyperlinking function. Regular words work fine. e.g. Type this is notepad domain1.com domain2.com Now copy it and paste it in Evernote the text becomes hyperlinks without a space between them domain1.comdomain2.com
  2. Issue still there in 6.8 Beta 1. I have reverted back to 6.5.4 Regards, Alien Glow
  3. Just wanted to report an issue I noticed since the last 2 versions. My current version is (CE Build ce-1.28.2184). Whenever I copy/paste text from any text editor like notepad++ the newlines get lost. e.g. If I have this text in notepad++ #### test1 test2 #### and I copy/paste it in a new note in Evernote the text gets pasted as #### test1 test2 #### Can someone please look into this and confirm. Thanks, Alien Glow
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