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  1. On the general topic of links, it would be really helpful if we could... 1. Select a snippet of text. 2. Use a keyboard or menu command to create a NEW note with (1) the selected text as the title; and (2) hyperlinked back to the original note. Use Case: Suppose I have a note that compiles my conversations with my supervisor. I have a conversation where he asks me to do three things – Project A, B and C. I could type my notes from the original conversation in the "Supervisor" note, then quickly create separate, linked notes for each of the projects. » For bonus points, automatically create a link BACK to the original note and place that in the Context section.
  2. You're not going to get any help from Apple or any of the forums. Here's how to solve this problem... In Outlook, click and drag an email onto your Desktop. Right click the email file and select Get Info. In the info box, expand Open With and set it to Microsoft Outlook. Then click the button to apply that decision to all. The problem is that your Mac doesn't treat the email file as an email. It treats it as a file with the .eml extension. And, it goes through the preferences for Finder instead of Mail.
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