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  1. Jorgen321

    Error when opening attachments

    It seems I only get the error when double-clicking. Have not managed to ge the error when right-clicking. Edits are saved back to the same file (the one in EN directory).
  2. I get the attached message sometimes when opening attached word documents in evernote. It seems to happen nearly 50% of my attempts to open attachments. That is, the same document could open at the first attempt, but if I close the document and try 5 seconds it later I could get the error message. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  3. Jorgen321

    Norwegian spell checker on Evernote

    I tried this, but unable to make it work. I cannot find .dic files in the .zip. There are .aff, .dat and .idx there. I've tried with various combinations of these, but it does not give me any additional language options. Can I please have some input on how I can make this work, @emerick?