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  1. Hey Chantal, you don't need to use VPN to sync in China. This version has fixed the issue. Austin from Evernote told me what you need to do is sign out and sign in again. However there is a catch. I signed out and signed in; the sync was working, but I lost all my local changes between my last successful sync and the first sync after signing in again. Austin is investigating what went wrong. If you're concerned with this, you can wait for some time, or perform a backup of your local changes before signing out and signing in.
  2. This version is still not syncing for me (based in China). Can you please take a look? Below is the activity log: 18:16:37 [INFO ] [7432] [9224] Client synchronization started 18:16:37 [INFO ] [7432] [4532] 0% Loaded updateCount: 6139 18:16:37 [ERROR ] [7432] [4532] 0% HTTP request failed, code: 500, error: Internal Server Error 18:16:37 [INFO ] [7432] [9224] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 18:16:37 [ERROR ] [7432] [9224] * error: Sync failed due to unexpected problem server side 18:16:39 [INFO ] [7432] [1840] Registered session count: 1, last session: 2017/09/13 18:15:00 18:16:40 [ERROR ] [7432] [9932] 0% HTTP request failed, code: 500, error: Internal Server Error
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