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  1. 21 hours ago, DTLow said:

    I do it all the time.  I participated in the beta testing and there were so bugs I couldn’t work around

    It gets more difficult if you have local notebooks; otherwise your Mac just holds a copy of the master data maintained on the server

    Your copy can easily be rebuilt from the server; the app takes care of that

    How does one downgrade? Just uninstall evernote and install a previous version? Where do we have access to these previous versions? 

  2. First of all, I only use Evernote on one device (my macbook). From nowhere else there's access to the account (I've checked it on my settings).

    The thing is that after I've updated to Version 6.12.1 I've been getting these "conflicting changes" alerts every 10 min. It occurs while I'm typing on my notes and, all of the sudden a warning pops up saying I've got a conflicting change.

    I've already disabled the automatic sync (put it on manual) but, despite doing that, it keeps syncing automatically every so often.

    This is extremely irritating. I can't get any work done since I'm always having to delete the previous note and migrate the new one to the original notebook and, as I said, this is happening every 10 or so minutes. 

    I love evernote and was ready to upgrade my account but, honestly,  now I'm thinking I'll have to migrate to another note-taking system.

    Please help. 

    Edit: already did a complete uninstall on Evernote but it keeps doing the same thing.


    Screenshot 2017-09-12 14.51.42.png

    Screenshot 2017-09-12 14.52.24.png

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