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  1. Yeah, I realized that now but still this would be a really nice feature. It would help with my note taking a whole ton. I get your point but if everyone is pushing for it then Evernote can't stay silent on it. At least they shouldn't haha. Currently I am considering other options though for note taking. I'm still keeping Evernote for other general notes but notes for school are not working on Evernote. I need better organization, styling, and keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Harnessing electricity is actually very old technology. People started really using electricity way back in the late 1800's. Are you still using this very old invention? If so why since it's so old? Lets not even go that old. Are you still using computers? Those are a pretty old technology as well. Older then Microsoft Word. What for argument is that, it's old? People still use wheels even though that technology is thousands of years old. That means it's a really good idea if it's still around. Heading styles are a great idea for note taking and organizing text in a note taking program.
  3. Dude this feature would be awesome. It would be absolutely sick if it could be implemented with keyboard shortcuts for example cmd + opt + 1 for heading 1 for like titles. Then cmd + opt + 2 for heading 2 and all the way up to 6. Also seriously I don't get those that are saying, "if you want this feature look elsewhere." Seriously this is a very robust and convenient note taking program. Syncs with multiple devices, has web plugins, nice sharing features, decent organization. Going to a different solution for note taking would be very inconvenient because not many have all these features Evernote has. Adding markdown capability would not be outside of what Evernote is meant to do. It would go hand in hand with what it's meant for.
  4. I really like the idea as well. Another twist to the idea I think that would be neat is if it could automatically switch between the two themes depending on time of day or on how bright the environment is.
  5. I use a lot of lists in all my evernote notes in the app. In the list's I use the indent and outdent buttons a whole ton as well. It's really annoying though that you have to leave the keyboard and go into another menu every time you need either one. So I thought of an idea that would be really convenient in my opinion. I think it would be awesome if to indent and outdent in lists could be done with a left or right swipe with the finger on the screen. I checked and that action currently does not serve any function at all. I think it would be a really easy thing to program into the app as well. Just give the finger swipe in the typing screen, the action of either indent or outdent, depending on which direction you swiped. I don't see any reason not to add this feature.
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