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  1. On 2/27/2017 at 10:52 AM, mkraft77 said:

    I haven't been able to find where my local EN is stored on my hard drive. 

    I see some folders ("quick-note" etc.) but no content. 

    I've always assumed that with both 'web' and 'local' EN active, what's in one location should duplicate what's in the other.

    But if that's the case, where is it located on my hard drive?


    This does not seem to work anymore :(

    What now?

  2. On 12/21/2017 at 6:33 PM, Jason Creadore said:

    Hello Community, 

    We are releasing version 6.13.3 GA to fix bugs select users have been encountering when launching the app and leaving business notebooks. You can download it here, or check for updates to get the latest. 

    Happy holidays!

    Jason and the Mac Team


    Version 6.13.3 GA Release Notes


    - A fix to for issues involving crashes on startup experienced by some users

    - A fix for erroneous continuous syncing when a user leaves a business notebook



    Dear Jason & Evernote,

    Could you please update us on this serious Evernote issue?


    Thank you and kind greetings,




  3. 6 hours ago, LindaElle said:

    Yes, it absolutely IS a subscription-cancelling-level issue for me. I have been a paying customer for quite a few years, and the ability to view my items in the way that works best for me is imperative. The grid view feature has been an integral part of EN for as long as I've used it. EN's unwillingness to even acknowledge unhappy users' concerns only adds to the frustration. 


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  4. For the love of god, Evernote team! Why haven't you addressed this issue yet? This is so disappointing.

    Mark my words, if you don't listen to the feedback of your loyal user base you're putting the future of Evernote at risk!

    The column view can be hidden in the settings for all I care but bring it back ASAP

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  5. In the latest Evernote release 6.12.2 the column/grid view's removal issue, which has had a severe impact on our productivity, and that we are all addressing here, has not been resolved.

    Please, Evernote team, we beg you, address this issue in the next :unsure:

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  6. Dear Evernote team,

    I absolutely love(d) your app, it changed the way I interact with my computer in so many positive ways and I've always been promoting and recommending it to all of my acquaintances and friends. The removal of the grid/multicolumn viewing option completely destroys the efficient Evernote user experience I had to this point. It may be practical for those who do not have a lot of notebooks, but for those who do  - in other words, the real aficionado and loyal Evernote user base - it's a disaster! The lack of a grid/multicolumn view is seriously going to slow down our productivity :( Please don't do this. You may lose a lot of users (old and new)!!!

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