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  1. Thank You DTlow. Should have read the whole thread more thoroughly. Yeah, I'm on mac. It worked!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm trying to locate the database folder but when I do the following: "On My Mac, I click on About Evernote, and press the option key" no link to the database appears. I have installed the latest Evernote update and I'm definitely holding down the option key...
  3. Dear Jason & Evernote, Could you please update us on this serious Evernote issue? Thank you and kind greetings, Ignacy
  4. Please please please address the following urgent problem!
  5. Ignacy

    notebook layout

    For the love of god, Evernote team! Why haven't you addressed this issue yet? This is so disappointing. Mark my words, if you don't listen to the feedback of your loyal user base you're putting the future of Evernote at risk! The column view can be hidden in the settings for all I care but bring it back ASAP
  6. Ignacy

    notebook layout

    In the latest Evernote release 6.12.2 the column/grid view's removal issue, which has had a severe impact on our productivity, and that we are all addressing here, has not been resolved. Please, Evernote team, we beg you, address this issue in the next
  7. Ignacy

    notebook layout

    Switching back to a previous version is never a good option since you don't want to run the risk that suddenly your Evernote stop will stop working in future OS updates. Evernote, please bring back the Grid/MultiColumn view!
  8. Ignacy

    notebook layout

    Dear Evernote team, I absolutely love(d) your app, it changed the way I interact with my computer in so many positive ways and I've always been promoting and recommending it to all of my acquaintances and friends. The removal of the grid/multicolumn viewing option completely destroys the efficient Evernote user experience I had to this point. It may be practical for those who do not have a lot of notebooks, but for those who do - in other words, the real aficionado and loyal Evernote user base - it's a disaster! The lack of a grid/multicolumn view is seriously going to slow down our productivity Please don't do this. You may lose a lot of users (old and new)!!!
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