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  1. Hmm to bad! Maybe somethinh for in the future, hope so!!
  2. I know that way of working but giving tags don't give me structure. I would love to see a mapstructure with notes there in. Exactly as for example dropbox but instead of documents you are working in the end with notebooks and notes. That would be so great
  3. I think @DTLow understand what I mean. You come with a serious good option as well. Personaly I would love it to make many substacks as possible so you can organize a complete mapping structure. Is there someone at Evernote who is working on that? Does anybody know that?
  4. For me it will be so so helpfull when I could make maps into my notebooks. For example: I have 3 notebooks. One of them is the notebook for an organisation I work for. I do things for communication, production, internal business and IT. I would love to make maps for each of them and to make notes related to all of these subjects. Now for me the disadvantage of Evernote is that I could have way to much different notes in one notebook and I don't want to create a lot of different notebooks, so: Notebook 1: personal Notebook 2: own business Notebook 3: organisation X (where I work for) Map 1: communication Note 1 Note 2 Map 2: productions Note 1 Note 2 Map 3: internal things Note 1 Note 2 Map 4: IT Note 1 Note 2 Does this make sense to anybody and is it possible for you Evernote to create something like this? Thanks in advance! Erwin
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