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  1. Thank you DTLow! That is a good idea! However, for my needs, I think it is still going to be somewhat unreliable from an outsider's view (peer reviewing of your analysis process) and also, it would take me while to make an interface that repeatedly copied the history :(. I will continue look for software that has all these features, but I love Evernote so much that it hurts to have to migrate to another program. Lmk if you hear of any nice ones :).
  2. Thank you gazumped! That was valuable information. I know that there are many plug-ins available though, maybe any of these provide the feature of "locking" your history?
  3. Hi all! Does anyone have experience of using Evernote as an electronic notebook for scientific purposes? I haven't used an audited lab note system before, but I believe that the most important features are that they must be 1) trackable by at least the day (fulfilled by Evernote) and 2) that the history should NOT be editable by the user herself. Does anyone know if 2) is fulfilled by Evernote? Or does anyone using a plug-in that is doing the trick? Thanks a lot in advance!
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