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  1. Hi everyone, Is there a way to share all the notes under a specific tag all at once? Cheers, Amr
  2. Lol, Well, what I am trying to do is to have a notebook for all the staff. Each staff member would have a note about their performance. So, I have a list of staff names and I need notes with their names as the note title. e.g. So, notebook staff/notes amr1, amr2, amr3, etc. This way I do not have to create separate notes, giving it a title and so on.
  3. Hi brain-trust, How to create a patch of notes at once with different titles? Cheers, Amr
  4. Great. Thad did work... a,a,a and copy and paste in the add tag. Works great))
  5. There nothing like that in windows. All i want is to create a list of tags from a txt file at once. 30 tags for example then i can assign whichever to any note.
  6. Hi everyone, Is there a way to create a patch of tags from a txt file at once. This way I can use tags to tag notes straight away instead of creating one by one, please? Regards, Amr
  7. Hi Everyone, I need help. I am trying to create a rule in outlook to forward emails from a specific sender. I want to add those emails as notes into a notebook. However, I need to change the subject to @mynotebook or whatever. The problem that there is no rule in outlook to change the subject automatically, which means I will have to change every subject manually (Counter intuitive, huh?) Any ideas? Cheers, Amr
  8. Pardon my ignorance. Is there a place where I can find a step by step instructions, please. I took a look at the link but it looks like it is for developers, I am just a normal user.(
  9. Hi, I need help, please. I want to create a list of notebooks in Evernote. I want to create a notebook for every customer. however, I don't want to add it one by one as I have 200 customers. My question is there a way to patch create notebooks from a customer name list?
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