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  1. I just upgraded to version 10.17.6 and I seem to have lost the ability to print part of a note. I have an ongoing journal in the form of a note that's more than 200 pages long. Every now and then I like to print the latest 3-4 pages. Before upgrading, I could do this with ease. I'd select Print from the drop down menu and I'd see a preview of my whole note. I'd select the pages I wanted to print, click Print in the printer dialog and boom, I was all set. Now, Evernote seems to have "improved" this feature out of existence, What am I missing? I tried to perform this same task using Evernote on the web and, damn, that engendered a whole different set of pains that I'll save for another time. So... 1. How do I print a few pages from a multi-page note? Or... 2. How do I revert to the earlier version of Evernote so I can do this obvious-seeming thng? Or... 3. How do I migrate to OneNote? Thank you in advance for the advice.
  2. Where are you, support team? This freezing/color wheel issue seems to be pretty common. You must have a quick fix for it, right? Where did you go? Thank you. Bill Mount Sep 8, 05:41 PDT As I'm typing in a note, Evernote freezes and presents the color wheel. This happens at random times, but unacceptably frequently. Things will unfreeze after a minute or so. Attachment(s) Evernote_454874_2017-09-08.txt Evernote_454874_2017-09-08.txt.zip
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