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  1. Thanks @gazumped worked perfectly and they have some other good tools I'm looking into as well. It did take quite a while but worked really well. They have a find and replace text in title (and a bunch of other actions/triggers) and you can even specify to do it only for notes in a specific notebook. I've seen this topic a lot while I was looking, so hope this is good for other people that are looking to do similar tasks. So I moved all the notes into a temp notebook after the filter was on and worked perfectly. Thanks for the help
  2. A lot of my notes I have put asterisks at the beginning of the titles like "****[title]". Is there a simple way using excel to replace the asterisks with nothing or with just 1 asterisk instead of 4? I've looked at several of the topics already posted and I can get the titles into excel and run the find replace, but don't know how to get the modified titles back to evernote to overwrite the existing titles. Or, if there's an easier way, anyone that could point me the right direction would be great! I'm using a PC with windows version of evernote.
  3. I'm wanting to create a search of any notes where the title starts with an exclamation mark. I have notes with !.15 for example. Using intitle:! doesn't bring up those notes. I'm thinking it might have something to do with no space after "!" in the title. Can anyone help? Any ideas?
  4. I'd like to create a search where all notes where the title starts with and exclamation mark ! are returned. Is that possible? I've tried intitle:! and it brings 0 notes, but I have around 20 notes with that in the title.
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