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  1. With respect, this doesn’t constitute an improvement, nor does it appear to work with consistency. I shall persevere, for now, and thank you for taking the trouble to reply so swiftly.
  2. This is indescribably clunky. Can anyone tell me how to share notes elegantly from Evernote, please? This used to be straightforward. There is no share icon from Evernote on iOS, which is bizarre, to be candid. I’m working on my iPhone at the moment. LJ PS I cannot save e-mails from Spark to Evernote either...
  3. Moleskine tagging does not work. It appears to, but the document merely appears in the default folder. Disapppointing. The paper quality of these notebooks is also poor, particularly if you use a real fountain pen and quality opaque ink.
  4. My experience is comparable to that of those of you expressing your indignation here. The automated tagging promoted by Moleskine is, I think, a specious marketing lure. It clearly does not work as it purports to. No advantage accrues to the user; one might as well use any kind of notepaper, photograph it in Evernote and tag it manually, for this is just as efficacious. That said, if the tagging is in any sense effected through the Evernote cloud and not through the app. itself, as it indeed may be, then my problem may conceivably be imputable to the fact that the internet here is as slow as "
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