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  1. Work Chat on the iPad and iPhone reloads the entire string of messages going back to whenever that thread first started, every single time you go out of chat and come back in, whether from a Notebook note or going to a different app and coming back. Some of my Work Chat discussions go back to 2016. This is totally unacceptable and beyond frustrating! The iPad version has frozen now and won’t let me enter any text in the chat box. I’ve hard closed and restarted the app, but chat is still frozen. IPhone version is still usable, but has a very long lag before posted messages show up. Same with iPad, before it froze. We use Work Chat all day, so this is a big problem.
  2. I discovered that I had to remove the notebooks from a current stack before I could drag and drop them into a new stack.
  3. I had a similar problem with OneNote on iOS, and it turned out to be a new font I had added to my iPad. I uninstalled the font, and everything went back to normal.
  4. I was unable to export files just yesterday, and it turned out to be an untitled note that was the hold up. I gave it a title, and all then exported smoothly. I was only exporting one notebook with about 102 notes, though.
  5. If you open the note you are working on, then open that note in a new window and switch that window to full screen, you get pretty close to what you're asking for.
  6. Don't know if it is possible, but I would love to have the ability to use Siri to dictate a Work Chat to Evernote, especially using my Apple Watch.
  7. The same thing happened to me, and it was driving me crazy. After trying everything under the sun, I decided to look at my Activity Log. It showed two notes that were causing problems. One was a duplicate, the other triplicate, and both from 2010! Anyway, I deleted all of them, and all was well.
  8. Try a text expander app like TextExpander or Typinator. I use TextExpander for all kinds of formatted text and boilerplate text, and can't live without it.
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