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  1. Ah! I have never had this problem before with Gotham, but switching fonts has solved the issue. Thanks!
  2. Sorry for the misplaced thread. I can move it there if need be?! It is not appearing on the web version or my IOS version; however it is happening on both my Mac's desktop application: 2011 iMac and 2017 MacBook Pro. On the desktop version it is impossible to unbold anything in a list. See the screen shot with the word "Test" highlighted, yet the "B" is not selected?
  3. When I create a bulleted list it bolds the text and is unable to be unbolded. The "bolding" does not activate the "B" in the editor, it just bolds it, without a way to make normal text. This is a problem for me! Please help! Thanks.
  4. This lack of grid view has completely thrown off the way I interact with Evernote. Please bring back, I am a paid user, and I make no threats of leaving as Evernote is my life, I am trying to just appeal to your desire to provide the product your customers need. Thanks.
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