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  1. It applies to all notebooks which means it's visible on whicever notebook you are on. It's not a huge deal as I know the difference between each notebook so I know which is which.
  2. I tried this out a little bit after I posted this and I am quite happy with it. It works great on the iPad and computer but on my Samsung it's not as good. With the iPad and computer your can just filter tags but on android you have to search and it shows all your previous searches in there which includes searches from other notebooks. Not the end of the world but ashame.
  3. But wouldn't that then show all essential reading for all modules? The reading is unique to the module. That is a good possibility actually thank you.
  4. So for university I have multiple modules. I have created a seperate notebook for each module and created them as a stack. This is how I would like it to look Module Name (Stack) To Do List Essential Reading Module Name 2 (Stack) To Do List Essential Reading. Problem is that I can't have two notebooks of the same name. Is there any workaround other than putting a number after each one which looks messy. Thanks in advance
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