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  1. yeah, doing it now and will forget the new version for the time being. my confusion was mostly because Evernote anounced version 10 as the "big new thing" ( at least I understood it like that) I did't expect version 10 being that poor. I only hope Evernote will survive somehow as a service and not streamline the functionality to unusable level
  2. "I assume therefore that you also have the legacy version open or you wouldn't get the file into EN at all" No, I have no legacy version any more ... and you are right, all my files the last weeks were NOT Imported, I did not realize that, trusting the system. This is disappointing Does EN really think that users will stay ? Until today I was still recommending Evernote to others ... this is not the case any more. Is it safe to revert back to legacy version, I seriously need to take a proper backup before Evernote crashes my documents. my confidence level dropped a lot within
  3. Hi Mike my workflow is to place document into the various import folders and from there Evernote pick the file. This worked and still works as expected. Only I cannot see the notes in the all notes list, a few minutes ago not even in the individual notebook list. The latest and newest document ( PDF ) is from 30 min back "Davinci Shortcuts" I placed the file ( as I do since years ) in the import folder for manuals "Anleitungen" checking the "list all notes" list, I cannot see it checking the "Anleitungen" list, I cannot see it ( List of manuals ) searchin
  4. Hello, just created a new note in a notebook "insurance". in the past, this note appeared at the top of "all notes", but now there are no signs of it ( and yes, sorting is done correct by change date ) Looking into the notebook itself, its there. That was different ( and better ) in the past. Same issue in the IOS App. What is the point of having the list "all notes" now ? Is actually anyone in the evernote team testing this version ? I get more and more the impression that the Evernote team themselves are not using their own tool at all, else these things would be
  5. I know, but the use of Legacy Product will disappear sooner or later Having the option to have a readable backup of my data is for me quite essential ( you never know what happens ... )
  6. I have see the option of using the legacy version ... but this is only for the time beeing as Evernote says themselves. I understand things change and are streamlined in an appliction, but being able ( as in previous version ) to create an own backup of your notes is essential ... especially if someone uses focusses complety on Evernote for organizing notes. Plus : this is funtionality that existed already ...
  7. Hi all, in the past I ran regular backups of all my notes for safety reasons. One feature was to export all notes in one step as a kind of Web Page, not as comfortable as Evernote itself, but for the worst case scenario ( my notes get corrupted, evernote is gone etc ) quite useful. Now I only find the export option into ENEX files any more. Is the feature to export notes as earlier into individual documents gone or can I only not find them ? Many thx Uwe
  8. Hi all, to take a full backup of all ( ! ) notes was possible in earlier versions and I used that quite regulary Now I find this functionality only on notebook level and I have a lot of them, pretty annoying to perform this export on that level for backup reasons. Is this "export all notes" feature gone or am I only not able to find that any more ? Many thx Uwe
  9. thx all for your comments .. Conclusion for me is that I should change my approach of working with ScanSnap and Evernote, there seems to be better ways of doings things than I did so far. Many thx for the suggestions.
  10. sorry not precise .. "new notes" should say "last added notes" I know I can sort the notes and have the latest display at the top of the list. My point is the have them ( the new notes ) automatically selected, so I can simply do Strg-Alt-T to add my tag and do not need to select it first with the mouse
  11. Hi all, I am adding quite a few documents as PDFs which I scan upfront ( Scan Snap Scanner from Fujitsu ) Once they appear in Evernote I need to add tags ( taxes, holidays etc ) which means I need to select them manually everytime I add / scan a new document. What I would like to have is a setting that Evernote has a ( selectable ) option to focus automatically on new notes. this would make my workflow much easier : I scan my document with my scanner convert to PDF andi mport to Evernote Evernote has automatically selected my latest note and I can easily a
  12. Hi, I had a discussion with an expert already and they advised to post this as a new idea, so here is my idea : *** My question/ Idea *** Hi, I am scanning documents into Evernote using ScanSnap Scanner and ScanSnap SW. for some documents I want to add tags ( Tax 2017 etc ). I can only do this within Evernote SW. So I scan my document, wait until Evernote imports it and then I select the imported note to add my tag information. here is my ( very little ) inconvienence : Evernote always selects the latest accessed document, but I need the latest imported one. So I need to manually scroll up to
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