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  1. Im having major major issues with 6.12. I use Evernote for 80% of what I do at work. 6.12 has turned a seamless work solution into a complicated mess of a system. It is adding extra steps to every single thing I do. I wish you would have taken the, "if it aint broke, dont fix it" attitude. Not only did the update cause me to lose a day of work because my Evernote got stuck on "Migrating notes" for 24 hours. When it finally opened I realized how messy this new system is. I work in a million notebooks throughout the day which means I need to be searching all the time through multiple notebooks. The search function is now a disaster. Before it would pull up all notes in a side view right away. Now it seems to want to pull up my personal tell me theres nothing, and below it will say "57 notes related to this in business. So you click that (extra step), then it brings them up not in list view so I have to click each one (extra step) then I click the note to go to it, and I cant, you have to click edit (extra step). I hate the block view, thats not the way I ever view things in Evernote. Taking away the ability to blend personal and business is a nightmare as well. I have all my coworkers send me email via personal and then I switch them to corresponding business notebooks as I go through. So I keep one window of personal open and one business window open. You can no longer do this. You switch one and it flips the other. I need the second window even more so since youve taken away the ability to easily search. Switching notes is complicated because now you have to wait for syncing. And my evernote seems to be syncing every 5 seconds. I feel like we stepped into a beta version of evernote, this is adding time and extra steps to every single thing I do. I would seriously consider abandoning this version and switching back. Everyone in my workplace that has switched has regretted it and everyone who hasnt is trying frantically to keep their computers from updating. Do you have any solutions or reasons for why you ever thought any of these changes were a good idea?
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