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  1. I am in same boat as idff, the automator works well in anything other than Evernote. I too use a certain date format for my workflows, this makes my work almost as challenging as working with OneNote. Please EverNote if anyone is listening/reading let's get some basics back to the app.
  2. Thanks, @Sail, I get the point, but with 70 notebooks, scrolling to rapidly find a notebook I need is a waste of time. Evernote is very fast for me usually, but this change from multiple columns of notebooks to one column slows me down. It may not seem like much but every second adds up. I just want the option to see all the notebooks at once in a multi-column view.
  3. I am on the free version if that matters. Otherwise, I have to beg to differ, there is no View option as noted that I can find. I have that for Notes View but not for Notebooks view.
  4. I am on Mac, and have no options to change view in the notebook view. I can sort though, which does not help much.
  5. How can I get the Notebook view back to multiple columns? Having to scroll through a single vertical list is not efficient. I use Evernote due to it being efficient, this is a huge step backward.
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