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  1. I would like to have my work account as the default email to use in evernote when I click on an email link with the scanned biz cards by scannable. However, the email address that I used to create the evernote account is my personal email. Is it possible to keep my personal email as the registered email, yet use the work email as the default?
  2. Ctang

    Sharing PDF

    If I would like to send through from outlook instead of apple mail, is it possible to do? Sometimes I do want to drag to desktop, but if I confirm that is the pdf I would like to drag to the email directly without saving it to the desktop first.
  3. Ctang

    Sharing PDF

    Download file means I have to open it and click save as to keep a copy on desktop before I could attach the file as an attachment to email. If I do not have to download, how could I get the file? Can I simply drag the file from Evernote and make it as an attachment from email or somewhere else?
  4. I want to attach a pdf file that is saved on evernote. How do I do that? Right now I have to go to Evernote - download file - save on desktop - attach - then delete from desktop. Is there some way I can drag the pdf directly to somewhere I would like to share?
  5. Hi I am new to Evernote. I need some help in sharing and syncing files. If I got a work file would like to share with colleague and we keep updating the file from time to time. What is the best way to share the file and make sure we grab the most recent file for updating each time?
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