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  1. 25th of October 2020 I installed Notion and moved my content over from Evernote (and cancelled my subscription). 

    8,5 years of daily use is over. Thanks for the ride EN, you have been great!!

    I wish you all the best and hope we might see each other again sometime 🙂

    Take care!

  2. I have now moved over to Notion (and cancelled my reneval which luckily was in November (yearly)) - very fast response with the Web-interface. But lots of stuff to grasp. First impression is good. I hope EN fix the performance issue so I can evaluate coming back in a while. Thanks for the ride EN, you have been a good "partner" so I am sorry that "I have to let u go"...The "cliche" - "It isnt you but me" though I can not say... Take care and hope you get back to your full strenght! PS: - I have been an active subscriber since 2012. Take care!
  3. Thank you very much for the warning - I have to get around to downgrade my iPhone... As of now I have to carry my iPad (not upgraded) "everywhere" I need to consult my Evernote for actions in the way I want ....
  4. I am starting to look for alternatives myself ... to not include a key feature like different sorting in a search makes me worried for the whole "sanity" of the Evernote-products future (read: lack of jugdement of those in charge)... I haven't read all of the above. But as a "The Secret Weapon" user totally dependent on beeing able to store searches and sort them at least by date and also by title I am not able to use the new version. Of the above I read NIMBUS... I have to go and will read above but any TSW (GTD) users here please feel free to "jump in" .... ( I see after I wrote this t
  5. Have been a Evernote user since 25th of April 2012 (not 2017) had to create a new one due to an Evernote Error.

    Uses Evernote as described in The Secret Weapon (a tweaked version of GTD by David Allen)

  6. URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT I POSTED THIS IN JULY DURING THE BETA AND REPORTED I HAD TO STOP USE THE BETA DUE TO THE LACK OF SORTING OPTIONS OF SEARCH *** Are you out of your mind Evernote? - this is just not possible to take away. You undermind the whole usage for me... PLEASE FIX!!! ------------- from JULY 2020 - Evernote - you never answered - WHEN IS THE SORTING COMING BACK?... On my iPad - using the predfined searh I have two issues: 1) BETA: The order of the searches when I am about to pick which one to use seems totally random (the "same random" every ti
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