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  1. Hello thank you for the help ! The Ctrl+Shift+V works well so I will re-copy the notes this way. I don't have results with the formatting/reformating keys (maybe I don't use them correctly), but the first one gave me a solution.
  2. UPDATE : It actually seems that the texts that don't work are the texts I copied/pasted from other places (onenote, maybe microsoft word), and that the texts that work are the texts I directly wrote in Evernote... Is there any solution that can help me use them without re-writing everything (there is a lot of them) in Evernote? Thanks , N.
  3. Hi, thanks for your answer. I use the android app with my phone. For the browser version, I use google chrome on mac at the office, and even tried it on my pc (windows 10) at home. The same thing happens on these three ways of consutling the notes, so probably we can exclude the hypothesis of a keyboard problem. Still paying attention to your ideas, N.
  4. Hello everyone, and thanks for your help. I am at work and don't have the opportunity to read all the content of existing threads, so I apology if it is not the right place for this post ; thanks to the moderators to redirect it if needed. Context : I discovered Evernote not so long ago, as I tryed to eliminate my many paper notes, in order to concentrate everything in a single place. Evernote seems the very best option I found. The problem I can't solve and don't know why : When I create new notes everything works perfectly, but when I try to edit
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