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  1. Wouldn't it just be easier to create an option to disbale the damn thing as my fellow commenter suggested? Btw, I use a physical keyboard and not the soft one so doing what you suggested would actually cause more of a headache than the current situation, not to mention opening the soft keyboard would also take up half my screen adding to the headache.
  2. Well, technically this is the iPadOs. When typing on a note, I may need to naviagte my cursor to another position somewhere else on the screen. However, when I do this, if I seem to swipe left (even though I'm not intentionally doing it) Evernote takes me out of the current note and to note view (the list of all your notes in alphabetical order). Is there a way to stop this nuisance happening?
  3. In fact, on my iPad it's quite annoying. Swiping left brings me to individual notes list. So if I'm typing on a note and I have to navigate to a different area (which I often do), any suggestion of swiping left (even if it's by accident, which it is 99% of the time), I exit the note I'm working on and go to the individual note list...this is extremely annoying.
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