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  1. I actually got the email warning/announcement from Evernote and so I tried disabling auto-updates on my Mac (running Mojave). This evening, it auto-installed Safari 13 without giving me any warning/prompt/chance to stop it. So much for following Evernote's advice to delay the Safari update until the updated Web Clipper became available...looks like Apple decided we lowly users weren't to be given the option to make that choice.
  2. Over on the thread: Evernote team has acknowledged there is an issue, reproduced the problem, and is working on a fix.
  3. Thanks Scott! I just tried again, switching back to the new web view, the private links are indeed opening the correct note in web view (although not launching the desktop app as you indicated this is not yet implemented). I could swear when I tried this yesterday it was not working in either the old or the new web viewer, but it is working in the new web viewer now. Looking forward to having the link back into the desktop app restored, but in the meantime, this will enable me to find what I'm looking for!
  4. This is where I am hoping @Scott T. or one of his colleagues can help. I re-created one of these private links for a note where the link I had was not working; the desktop client generated the same link URL I already had from a couple weeks ago, and it is still not opening/finding the note (nor is the browser handing off to the Evernote desktop application).
  5. Likewise, @DTLow your public link appears to work correctly for me. OK - maybe I'm off base calling my "shard" links "public". In any event - I have dozens of these "shard" links embedded in my task manager and they are now not working since the new Web view rolled out, and that is the thing that I need to understand - whether this is a bug that will be fixed or whether I need to somehow manually locate all those notes using Search or whatever and replace them with Evernote:/// links (if that functionality ain't coming back).
  6. That doesn't appear to be happening, at least not for me. This link: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s86/nl/9486405/c73d9795-2b86-47a9-9a39-f69a54a0e8d7/ Does not appear to resolve to the specific note from which it was created; it just opens the regular Evernote Web view (see screenshot): This is what's in my address bar after the link address resolves and the page displays: https://www.evernote.com/u/0/Home.action#n=d66a212c-b4dc-499d-9ff0-bd49aab1aa3a&s=s86&ses=4&sh=2&sds=5& I checked my Safari settings and made sure that pop-up blocking and all other content blocking/filtering that I could find was turned off for Evernote.com
  7. @Gear64 no, the public note URLs that I created prior to yesterday don't seem to do *anything* except launch an Evernote Web window in my default browser. It is defaulting to showing wherever I was if I am still logged into the Web app. I signed out of the web app and tried a "legacy" public note URL and it just launched the Evernote Web login page.
  8. @Scott T. - since the update, public URL's that I had already saved (I use them in my task manager to link back to task/project notes and resources) no longer seem to be working. My "legacy" public URL's now just launch the Evernote web view (regardless of whether I have the old or new version selected) to the last note I had open/active. Is this expected behavior or a bug? If my legacy URL's are broken, it is going to be a major headache to re-locate all of those individual notes using Search...I wasn't particularly careful about how I organized or tagged them since I was always able to navigate straight to them using the deep link. A secondary issue is that Safari used to "pop" my Evernote for Mac desktop app and open the target note when clicking a public URL (as long as I was logged in) to one of my own notes; that no longer seems to be happening, now the Web view just opens. Is this also expected behavior? (or a bug associated with using "legacy" public note URLs?)
  9. I just saw a new web view format for public note URL's today; the thread linked below suggests it has been tested for some users for a week or two but appears to have gone live more widely in the past couple days:
  10. I have many public URL's saved in individual task records in my task manager; previously these links would reliably open a browser window momentarily, then a dialog asking me to allow the desktop app (Mac) to open the note. This took me directly to the note that held information associated with the task. Today, all my previously-generated public note URL's just take me to the Evernote web interface, "wherever I left off." It doesn't seem to matter whether I use the "new" interface or revert to the "old." All of these links appear to just open the Evernote web app to whatever note was active the last time I used the web app. I tested creating a new public note URL from within the web app today, and pasting that into a new browser (Safari) window; this opened the target note in question in the web viewer but did not detect/prompt me to use the Mac desktop app/client. Are existing public note URL's broken by the update/enhancement of the public note URL web view that just rolled out?
  11. My Evernote for Mac desktop app started repeatedly rolling down an "Introducing Spaces" advertisement window/window shade this morning and this last time I could not dismiss it - clicking on the "X" froze the app, I couldn't continue working and I had to Force Quit. I am a Premium subscriber and I have no interest in or intention of playing with Spaces right now. Kindly fix your software to remove this bug/ad/malware or allow Premium subscribers to dismiss it once and for all.
  12. I have this question/problem or a related one...it appears to be pulling the information from "my" personal record in my iOS contacts, but it seems to be sending specific fields and I'd like to know how to select which information is sent; for example, I have my Home address in my contact card but I don't want to send that out when I am replying to someone who just handed me their business card. Where are the Settings to customize what happens when you tap "Email my contact info"? I have looked in the iPhone app and the Evernote web settings and I can't find anything dealing with this.
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