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  1. I appreciate the comments from everyone- but I'm only going to reply to this one at this point in time. I understand TANSTAAFL, and if there were a reason for me to buy the premium version I would. However I cannot justify spending $35 a year for a program which matches different free programs that most, if not all, highschool/college individuals do not mind using if not over Evernote. My point is that paying money for a redundant copy of something which already has limited abilities is not useful to the modern consumer, that being students. There is no way to export Evernote notes as, say for example, a PDF or similar application (note: I just found that you can import as a OneNote option). Even then, Evernote lacks some features that a lot of other PDF programs, even, include (referring to Xodo, an application for Windows computers). I don't mind spending good money on a program that is useful. If Evernote was outstandingly different from all other programs with special features unseen elsewhere, I would purchase it. Unfortunately it came to the point of me having to make the decision of purchasing or moving on, to which the latter seemed most appropriate. Have a wonderful day, -LukeS Also, any cloud-based service is not "safe". You have no guarantee what the staff will or will not do with your information and notes. It's just an absolute of the modern-day computer use.
  2. Apparently the Evernote staff wants me to make this complaint public instead of an email to the company to a help desk. Here's my feedback on evernote: I used to LOVE evernote. It was so useful in Middleschool/Highschool, but now I'm in Senior year of highschool taking a lot of AP and college classes. I've come to the realization of how bad Evernote is. This product is 99% pay to use at this point. I can't have more than 2 devices now (before it was 3 or unlimited?)?! Upload limits are even more restricted?! Hello???? I have 4-5 devices which I NEED to sync! Dear Evernote staff, you must realize that the computer production business is an extremely competitive market. You're not Apple, Microsoft, or Unix. You don't have the significant power over the consumer such as they do. I can just as easily move to Google Drive and GoogleDoc or OneNote with OneCloud. It's just one more step which all students are forced to take in this modern school age. Yes, you may be good for some businesses, however Google Doc now lets multiple users write on the same document- OneDrive lets you share to multiple users, same as iCloud and Dropbox. You're slowly going to be losing scholarly consumers such as myself due to your restrictions and lack of student support. I'm a poor college/highschool student- I can't afford premium prices with a low income/none at all! I would suggest two things: 1) Market to students as well as businesses; this doesn't mean you have to change your program or even business model! Accept student discounts! 2) Allow the free version to be free and useful as well as finding a way to sell your product in a market-to-use solution. How do you think all these "free" companies do it? Google Ads, Ad services, monotization, even donation pages! All that said, this is my final good-bye, Evernote. I've loved your program, but as of today, I am moving everything to OneNote which I recieved for free; once from my highschool and now with college. Oh, and I should mention, I have 5 FREE AND UNLIMITED downloads with Microsoft Office: so my phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop can all have the same program to sync all my documents with. -LukeS
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