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  1. We have been using the iOS share extension for some time in our iPad/iPhone app with images and they used to work on Evernote's Share Extension. Within the last couple Evernote releases, there appears to be a bug. When we send the image data to evernote, instead of saving it as an image file, it is saving it as a binary. This is despite us indicating that the object type is image. After If login to evernote from Browser in Mac, I can download the binary file. If open it using preview, the image does show up. But within Evernote it's just a broken image preview. We downloaded the demo app from internet for the share extension demo and it has the same result. So this appears to be a bug with Evernote (note: The same data works with other third parties, be it Pinterest or others) https://github.com/evernote/ios8-share-extension-demo Please advise: Is this a known bug? Will Evernote be addressing it in a future release?
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