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  1. There is simply no option to contact support for basic members but alternative options for community and support. That's pretty inconvenient when someone just wants to report a bug: When copying symbols like < or > to Word, these symbols are replaced by a weird coding after copying.
  2. Don't have these options. When searching by the general search bar on the top right corner and pressing the enter button, the program does only show the first result but does not walk through by hitting enter again. When using the search bar within a note (cmd+F), there aren't these parameters either. I am using the Mac application.
  3. Would prefer to see only results for the combination of words I type into the text search bar rather than matches for all search words threated as single search targets.
  4. Auto Format should be separated into three different categories. Like to have this feature for lines and emojis.
  5. Since updating to the latest version 6.13.1 on Mac, the software transforms a hyphen and space "- " into a bullet without leaving any formatting option to disable the new feature. I do not want to have this kind of automatic background conversion. Everyone who prefers to use it can select a proper bullet from the formatting buttons above. I suggest to eliminate this feature or - at least - give the function to disable it. But as of now there is no way to bypass the automatism. MiMoHo
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