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  1. I would have stuck with Yojimbo, which works perfectly for me, except for that the iOS version of the app only operates in read-only mod. so I decided to switch to Bear. I agree with you, though, in principle. developers increasingly switching to a subscription model. Bear has roughly equivalent use for me as Yojimbo. if you only ever use one computer or device, I do not think you have any reason to pay for a subscription. just don't do what I did and inadvertently create a complicated knot of tags. (Bear has a nested hierarchy tags system.)
  2. errm, I already shared the script.look at the bottom of my last post. I can't remember. I think I managed it without the prior frustrations. however, I decided to export again to Bear, using Evernote as an intermediary step. that worked well. only one of the seven hundred or so notes got garbled and even then I only had to remove a little textual gunk. and, to clarify, after deciding on what I wanted to do, I exported the notes from Yojimbo to Evernote to Bear the one time, then I deleted Yojimbo and Evernote and kept Bear. honestly, though, I find Evernote not to my liking
  3. anyhow, I managed it. John from the Yojimbo board kindly edited the script for me. it functioned 100% perfectly when used when running macOS 10.13. I did have to cave in and purchase Growl, though and if you use the script, so will you. you can delete it immediately after, though. and DTLow, I hope I had not hurt your feelings. Yojimbo Script.zip
  4. I caved and purchased Growl via the App Store. Evernote imported some notes but rather than putting them in one notebook, it created many notebooks (probably not one notebook per note) and also crashed midway through. it then began to behave erratically and crash more. in particular, I had a problem with the menubar icon wanting to clip something. it did import the tags, though. the Script Editor told me it had trouble with a few of the lines, one of which I deleted before the import even began.
  5. the script references Growl Helper in at least one other place other than lines you suggested that I delete. I do not know AppleScript (or anything about coding generally) so I did not know what to cut without messing up the whole thing.
  6. I tried that and then Script Editor asked me where to find Growl Helper.
  7. I do not know what mean by that. comment (on?) what? reference what? you know much more about coding than I do. (I couldn't even get beyond the early levels of a computer game designed to help learn code, albeit one for adults rather than kids.) you may find it hard to put yourself in my frame of mind.
  8. now what? the code I linked to above has a problem in that it won't work unless I DL Growl. Growl costs $3.99 so how could I use the script without purchasing Growl?
  9. I like Yojimbo but have contemplated switching over. I did find a link, but only a very old one. and I have literally never used AppleScript before. http://veritrope.com/yojimbo-evernote-export/ has anyone managed it? if so, how did you do it?
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