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  1. I created my account using an Android tablet last year. I didn't notice at the time, but I misspelled my email address. When I opened Evernote on my laptop a few months later, I spelled my email correctly. Now I have two accounts, but cannot move/export/transfer all that I had created in my original account, nor can I edit the original email (or even reset the password), because it is not valid/doesn't exist and is, therefore, unverifiable. I have a mild brain injury, and a free account. It took me days of searching before I discovered that Help is only available to paid account holders. I am writing this from my web account, but months of notes are in my original account with the invalid email...(I wondered why I repeatedly got the prompt to verify email: there is no such email...ugh) I am hoping that someone may know how I can sort this out, and save the months of work I have in the first account. After spending so much time getting nowhere on this seemingly basic thing, I would also like to ask: Do you think Evernote is something a mildly brain injured person should even try to work with? I thought it would make things easier for me... Thank you in advance.
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