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  1. This is a copy from Evernote on the Mac, to Outlook on the Mac. The text itself was created in Evernote and then copied out
  2. I've tested this in a number of fonts, including Helvetica. This appears to be a pure Mac issue as making a similar note on the iOS app works as expected. Even when copied to within the Mac. On export as an enex I get this - <en-note><div>“Test&quot;</div><div><br/></div><div>“Test”</div><div><br/></div><div><br/></div></en-note> This is using Version 6.12 Beta 3 (455392 Direct) Any ideas?
  3. Hi All, Every time I copy from Evernote to another app (like outlook on the Mac) I get issues with special characters. Below is an example Evernote - this “happens" Outlook - this “happens" Anyone have a clue on why this is? Cheers, Liam
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