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  1. When viewing notes on my iPad I often wish there was an option to increase the width of the page. The note occupies only a small amount of the screen, which is good for readability but not if you use a lot of tables, like me. There should be an app-wide setting that enables all notes to occupy the full width of the screen.
  2. Thanks for the response, but does that make the most sense? It means that I have to 'match width' for every single table, within every single note, every time I open the note or resize it. That seems like an awful lot of work in the long term! I can appreciate that it allows people to create wider tables but the result is a very awkward user experience. For example, I take notes of important telephone calls, and refer back to them throughout the day. With the latest update, the information I refer to is now hidden from view until I select 'match width'. Please can you make this
  3. I press the red 'close' button in the top left of the screen. It appears to be the only way of closing the note. Pressing 'esc' doesn't do anything and Cmd + W leads to the same black screen. (Just to clarify, I'm on a Mac).
  4. I'm also having this problem. When I open a note in a separate window, I maximise it (so that I can continue to use the main interface. When I close that note, the main interface turns black. It responds to Cmd + Q and quits, and just as it closes the black screen disappears to reveal the main screen, but by that point the app has closed!
  5. Since this update, I am constantly having to select 'match note width' for each table I view on a regular basis. Even if I change screen, or move the window into the multitask (half-screen) position I then have to reset the width of each table. Is there a way to make Evernote do this by default? Or is it a bug which Evernote will eventually address?
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