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  1. Thank for your feedback. I too am of the mind that there isn't really a nice way to apply tagging to notes in a more powerful way. I tend to use the word metadata more than just tagging since my goal is to supply more structure around our notes. I like your suggestion. We welcome more of those suggestions. In the next version we intend to give the user more control over how they apply metadata/tagging/categorizing to a note. I will keep your suggestions in mind. The visualization example is the first attempt to demonstrate that indeed we do have the full power of any graphing framing work to represent your notes given the proper metadata. The initial example is a bit chaotic since it just shows all notes in relation to their notebooks and or tags. Any ideas for representing note data in more visualized way is welcome. Also check out the reports section. We have notes by location reports which shows where geographically you created your notes. Just another example of how one might visualize their notes.
  2. The application downloads a copy of the notes metadata for your notes. So that we can reference the guid ids and titles to generate the thumbnails of your notes. We also use the note guide as a reference when you attempt to categorize the note. Primarily the system keeps a copy of your notes metadata with attributes (but not the content or resources) and then has an internal table that keeps track of note guid with category metadata. We never try to update the users notes or notebooks or tags. Unless you think that's a feature you'd like to have. It's more about trying to calculate statistics based on your latest notes and keeping track of whatever categories you apply on the notes. Based on those pieces of data we generate a bunch of reports and visualization graphs. Finally there is a presentation action. That particular action will downliad and cache the full note so we can render any pictures or video for the note and basically give you a nice presentation. After the presentation We purge the note from the cache so it's no longer in the system. Next version will give you better control over how you apply categories to your notes allowing you to more easily remove or add multiple categories to a specific note. Its primarily about applying category metadata to a note so that later we can render nice reports or presentations or visualization graphs based on the category metadata. Thank you for your question.
  3. You would have to login and give it a try to get the full effect. But once you log in with your Evernote account. The application will sort through all your Evernote notes and start categorizing them first by tags. Then you can create your own categories in Akreet and start categorizing our own notes with whatever random category you find pertant. Once the notes are categorized, you can go to the reports section and a series useful report will give you a break down of your Evernotes by the categories. Kind of a data mining tool for your Evernotes. Yes this runs on Mobiles Devices. It's actually a Web Application that is optimized to work on all Mobile Device and Desktop Browsers. Best functions on Safari IOs and Chrome Mobile or Desktop. Click here launch in your browser to see: https://app.akreet.net Thank you for your interest.
  4. Dear Evernote Community, http://app.akreet.net Akreet is a new unique method for getting the most out of your Evernotes. It focuses on three knowledge organizing techniques to accomplish this: Categorizing Visualizing Reporting Our philosophy is that, only the Evernote user can extract useful knowledge from their own notes. It it is our mission at Akreet to deliver the best tools to help the Evernote users to do so. We are looking for any and all feedback. Got a good Categorizing, Visualizing, or Reporting idea? Tell us about it, we'll build it in. A few videos to get you started: Learn Akreet Video Coming Soon Video
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