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  1. I just want to give everybody a usable checklist. Unfortunately, every app I've tried either only has a shared checklist option or a $$$ option. Thought this would be a simple thing...ha!...the only thing simple here appears to be my mind! Thanks for taking a crack at it! ~Valerie
  2. Alas. Yes...you can see my previous post under Organization to see what I'm trying to do. Thanks. ~Valerie
  3. Is it possible to open an .enex file on Android? Thanks! ~Valerie
  4. I'm going to try a new thread asking more specifically about .enex and Android.
  5. Unfortunately, if their phones/the Evernote app won't open the .enex file, like mine won't, we're still stuck. ~Valerie
  6. Again, thanks. We're mostly connected on Facebook, but ideally I'd want a file I could post on a web page. Haha...everything works for iOS! We actually have an app for iOS users (not developed by us, but works for us), but there's no Android version. I'm trying to come up with some workarounds for us poor, neglected iPhoneless folks. ~Valerie
  7. Unfortunately, it's a group not connected by email, so that option won't work. The .enex option would be perfect, but I tried sending it to myself, and was unable to open it on my phone. Is there some trick to that I'm perhaps unaware of? Thanks! ~Valerie
  8. I want to share a file (a checklist) with a reading group so everybody has her own copy to keep track of the reading. So far I can only find a way to share my copy, which won't work very well for a hundred or so of us. Is there a way to do this, or do I need to keep searching for another app (in which case, I'll take suggestions, if that's allowed!). Thanks! ~Valerie
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