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  1. Hey @tavor thanks for your answer. I respect your thoughts about my post. I'm going to state just a few things about it: - I don't have too much time to write a long post or to engage into the Evernote Community, so posting a small complaint about the bug I found was the fastest way to let the Evernote team know about it. - I agree with @dixonbruce. I'm not a beta tester and I don't owe nothing to Evernote or to the community. I don't have to be a "classy guy". Doesn't matter if I this is my first or my 100th post. The bug is there and made my job difficult. That's a fact. - And the fact I'm using a free software doesn't take my right to complain about it. I didn't say anything personal. I wasn't whinging, I was just short and direct. - I consider every day to turn myself a paying customer of Evernote. Every single day, I can assure you that, believe me. But the app is so buggy and unstable in all platforms I use, in my PC, iPhone and in my iPad, that they have to improve A LOT to make me pay for it. Every time I had a problem with Evernote I just let it go. I can't find any better app to replace it, and me and my employees are still working with it. This is the first time I took some minutes to register my profile on the forums and you know what I got? A simple answer that I need to be more classy. No body came here to tell me that they are working on a fix. I just need to be classy. Thanks again guys for your help and time. My best regards.
  2. ^This. Simply copy a text from web and past to match style and you'll see. You guys don't know how much this is annoying and it's making my job like 10.000 more difficult. Thanks Evernote for the last update. That's why I'll never buy or subscribe to your platform.
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