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  1. Assuming that you've read my whole post, which I re-read to make sure that I included all relevant information, please explain to me how I can install Monaco font to the Evernote web application.
  2. Hello, Please consider updating the font or functionality of Code Blocks. When I paste content into these, it may sometimes keep the formatting and may sometimes (always when pasting matching formatting) paste in 'Monaco', which is a font that is not available for selection on Evernote Windows app OR Evernote web app. There are plenty of unicode options available that are more common to use that could be recognized in multiple applications. Alternatively, you could add support for Monaco font in Windows app. A "Copy Format" tool would be very handy as well, which is surprising to see missing from the full app, as even free open-source text editors have this feature. Please let me know if you think there is a solution that I am missing, -PA
  3. Any update on this? Editing in code blocks already works for the web/android version, as I can copy another code block, paste the new one, and edit the internal text from there. It would be much nicer if Evernote could just add a button for this though... Edit> Also accidentally making the code block the last line of the note is annoying to escape. I'm fighting evernote by entering some lines above it, and then cutting and pasting the text in the blank lines to solve this problem. I'm not a big fan of fighting my text editor this much.
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