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  1. The ideas by WSP in April have been useful to me. I have upgraded to Evernote 10 and I did the survey before AND after for what I want and am looking for. Of key to me is background colors, the reintroduction to using my own fonts, again, as now Evernote only allows for just a few text styles/fonts. I also would very much like true tables to be used. The Evernote tables are HORRIBLE. What happened to grammar and spell check?!?!?!? There are a few other things, but I am very disappointed as a PREMIUM user to have such a product to pay for over the years get worse and worse. Truly I am not going to renew if this continues!! Thank you Barbora for the kind words.
  2. Dear WSP, Thank you for your links to the woman in Australia. I just L♥VE her templates and have downloaded all of them. I am sure they will be quite useful and wonderful for what I have wanted to do. I sure do appreciate you sharing these finds. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply, but with all going on I have not been at the computer too long at one time to sit and explore the sites you shared. Again, thanks. Scott
  3. james535 I do not have a Mac, so I can't seem to do your suggestion, and I agree with possible privacy issues, so I just wish Evernote would allow for the colors in the background. Thanks, for the ideas and tips.
  4. Yes, I FULLY agree with this request. Sure would LOVE to have it. Thanks for hopefully considering and implementing it guys.
  5. HI Cal, I have the Dict folder, but it is not in the Databases folder. It is by itself in with other folders in the Evernote folder. In it is the user.dic file. But I cannot use the F7 for spell check either at this time. Are there any other options???
  6. GREAT idea DTLow and Sayre, but what about when you just have a note with no tables in it? That is what I am talking about.
  7. Hey Evernote, I just think it would be sooo GREAT to allow for COLORS in the background of my notes, sometimes. I think it is GREAT that my font can have a different color, but what about and why not allowing for a background color of the whole note? Thanks, so much. Keep up the GREAT work.
  8. Yes, I do not have the "Conflicting Changes" notebook either. How do I get it ...or get it back?? Thanks, so much.
  9. I have been struggling with this applet as well. One thing I have been using for some time with Evernote and my Android phone is Voice2Note (Voice2note.dial2do.com/). It does not creat REMINDERS, per se, but it is truly nice, because I can be driving and call my Evernote number and it creates an Evernote note quickly and I can do whatever I want with it later. If I need to remember to buy oranges at the store, I can call myself and make a note of that. I I realize I forgot to send a note or card to someone while I am driving, I call my number and create a note to remind myself of it. It is FREE and it takes the voice and transcribes it to text. VERY nice.
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