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  1. I cannot find a "word count" feature for notes under Evernote Web.  Am I looking for something not there?  If I need it, what should I do?

    And If I need a "Failsafe No Document Delete" feature, what should I do?

    And since I'm on an old Windows Vista platform with a non-updatable upgradable browser, am I taking on any extraordinary risks other than the predictable pedestrian Kind?

    And is there any quick meme way to remember how to find this damn page under Evernote cuz every time I need it, I have a helliva time finding it. 

    And can I ask for your response to be posted to another email address displayed above like PeterR5@Hotmail.com? 

    Thank you.

  2. 17 hours ago, gazumped said:

    If you watch the top line of your note,  you'll see a grey or green arrow which gets surrounded by a green circle from time to time...  


    Wow, never noticed that green arrow thingy before, very reassuring, but it's only visible at the top of the page — now if it just did UNDO/REDO, I couldn't ask for more even if I paid for it, which raises the issue, could UNDO/REDO be an Upgrade feature — I'd pay for that?  I've tried and used a lot of different note-taking apps attached to browsers, and this one really fills the bill. When you live online and don't leave the browser, it's a subtle thing what you like and don't like about a note-taking app, but I guess it's cuz this one treats the task of note taking on a browser no different than any other tab, and that's its niche — that along with Grammarly almost makes it a standalone WP app — but I'm afraid you're right, it just can't keep up.  Btw the UNDO/REDO task handlers in Firefox and Chrome may be different since UNDO/REDO in Firefox is right on the menu bar, whereas it only accrues as a right-click feature on Chrome — that and the fact that I'm still using an expired non-updatable version of Chrome under Windows Vista, which is getting pretty long in the tooth and out of range for update too. Oh well, thanks again — P.S.  Also the fact that you can edit these comments after posting makes it pretty cool too, I'll have to check back to see if it sticks.

  3. 8 hours ago, gazumped said:

    I tend not to use the browser-based version at all - I'm almost always connected to the network on one laptop or another,  so I might be overreacting..  but there are several threads around the forums of users - especially with intermittent or slow connections,  or maybe with busy local networks - experiencing duplicate and incomplete notes. 

    I've certainly lost the odd long answer in this forum (even on my fast network) through fumble-thumbing a Ctrl+key selection and losing the page,  or occasionally through a connection fault. 

    I'll normally do a long answer here in Windows Notepad first - though (trade secret time) a lot of them are pre-typed answers saved in Evernote and edited to fit the current case.  Even so most answers are as short and pithy as I can make them.  I have no problems drafting in Evernote for Windows Desktop.

    If some other option works for you,  then go for it!  ;)

    One more queshon pls, since I can't even see a button for 'save' and have rarely if ever clicked "Done", how are files under EverNoteWeb being saved? — is it constantly saving or what? 


  4. Thanks for the caution, and will consider. — Since you're so cautious though, I'm just curious what you do use EverNote for if not as a WP?  For never having saved a doc under Evernote, I found it to be almost risk free, and have either been incredibly lucky or it's safer than you suggest. What say you?



  5. "Evernote for the Web" under browsers like Chrome really needs an UNDO & REDO feature that works the way it's supposed to -- Unless there is something dreadfully wrong on my end under my admittedly expired platform of Chrome and Windows Vista, I can't tell you how many times I tried to use UNDO and REDO for a quick back & forth compare & contrast of my text editing under Evernote, and it totally WTF'D UP my whole paragraph. I don't know what's wrong but if you can help thank you very much.

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