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  1. Hi, Thank you for your answer. I updated the app with this last update. Hope the bug won't come back again. I'm a new paying customer. I didn't know there was a place dedicated to debugging. I will post my future debug request (hope there won't be any new ones...) through this way. All the best, Alex
  2. I just clipped some web pages, and this time no articles were saved at all!!! What the hell!!!
  3. Ok great. It would be nice if the developers could do the trick on iPad / iPhone Hope some other users would see the benefits of such a feature.
  4. Feature proposition : add a small area dedicated to tags directly in the editing note interface : This feature would give the user the possibility : to quickly see which tags are used on the note, to be able, by clicking on the keyword used to tag the note, to list all the similar notes tagged with this keyword >> improvement of the navigability through similar notes, to easily add new tags to the note (without having to go to the back interface through the button "i") What do you think? All the best, Alex
  5. Hi, I'm just starting with Evernote and, in 3 hours, I've been facing several bugs. Last one, quite confusing, is about losing the content of a note just after writing it on my iPhone! The content of this note that I wrote was erased, just magically, by the content of a note that I "clipped" earlier with Evernote Web Clipper. Here is what happen : First, I created my note "A" on my Windows Desktop Evernote. The sync went well. 15 minutes later I continued to edit this note "A" on my smartphone. When I was over, I closed the note "A". Still on my smartpho
  6. Hi, As a new customer of Evernote, I have just discovered this bug by using Evernote Web clipper in Chrome (Win 10, 60.0.3112.90) with a low Internet connection. Very annoying! And by reading the different posts of this thread, I'm quite astonished that this problem exists from 3 years! As a new customer, I'm not very confident in the product so... Are there other bugs I should know before migrating all my notes to Evernote? Best regards, Alex
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